We divert at-risk individuals from the internet's dangerous rabbit holes.

About Us

We study the ways in which radicalization proliferates online and prevention methods to help individuals build resiliency. Through shared experiences, we developed Diverting Hate because we know there are brighter paths for all of us.

Our Mission

It’s all too easy to fall into hateful rabbit holes in our online worlds. We believe different paths can be chosen and they should be easier to find.

We intercede just before these paths can become rabbit holes of no return. We present the opportunity to find belonging in healthier, safer environments alongside vetted partners.

Work with Us

We are looking to build partnerships across a variety of sectors. Including: men’s support groups, academic researchers, and social media platforms.

We’d love to hear from you about the work you’re doing and how we can work together.


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Stay Tuned

Diverting Hate will soon be posting research insights. [...]

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Our works is made possible through the collaboration and support of our partners.